Committee Appointments  
Executive & Finance Daren Matthes
  Jeremy Matthes
  Kent Kanable
Police & Personnel Chris Peterson
  Mike Geary
  Jeremy Matthes
Water & Sewer Lynette Peterson
   Mike Geary
  Daren Matthes
Streets & Sanitation Kent Kanable

 Sam Peterson

  Mike Geary
Parks & Buildings  Jeremy Matthes
  Sam Peterson
  Kent Kanable
Ordinance Chris Peterson
  Lynette Peterson
  Jeremy Matthes
Flood Plan Committee  Daren Matthes
  Lynette Peterson

Sam Peterson, Julie Paus, Phil Oliver

Emergency Mgr, Clerk     Jeff Liska, Dana George
Other Appointments
(1 Year Appointment)
Board Member-Fire Agreement Board Daren Matthes
UMMEG Commissioner  Jeff Liska
Health Officer  Committee of the Whole
Fire Inspector  Jeff Liska
Fire Chief  Jeff Liska
Weed Control Officer  Chad Kanable
Building Inspector  Wayne Haugrud
Zoning Administrator  James Twomey
Floodplain Administrator  James Twomey
Plan Commission (3 Year Appointment)
  Daren Matthes
  Lynette Peterson
  Chris Peterson
Citizen Sadie Wallace
Citizen Judy Ledman
Citizen Greg Smith
Clerk Dana George
Floodplain & Zoning Board of Appeals  
Zoning & Floodplain Administrator gets Notice (3 Year Appointment)
  Mike Geary
  Tammy Green
  Sadie Wallace
  Harold Egge
  Mike Rynes
Alternate -1st Kelly Mendygral
Alternate -2nd Brian Wallschlaeger
Library Board       (3 Year Terms)
Marilynn Clauson
  Donna Simonson
  Janet Matthes
  Alice Phillips
  Donna Dugan
  Steve Carrow
  Bobbie Young
Electric Commission
(5 Year Terms)
  Heath Wallace
  Lynette Peterson
  Mike Geary
  Ken Krings
  Gary Erlandson
Community Development Authority (5 Year Terms)
  Dorsey Ames
  Leona Schnieder
  Tammy Green
  Daren Matthes
  Sherry Erlandson
  Jeremy Matthes
Clerk Dana George/Kelly Mendygral
Official Attorney Eileen Brownlee
Official Newspaper Epitaph News
Official Designated Depositories
Citizens First Bank
TID Joint Board of Review Daren Matthes
  Mike Geary