Board Meeting

07/20/2017 from 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Meeting Agenda





Clerk’s Office

Public notice is hereby given pursuant to S.19.84 Wis. Stats. that a Regular Meeting of the Village Board of the Village of Viola, Richland and Vernon Counties, Wisconsin will be held Thursday, the 20th of July 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in the regular meeting place of said Village Board located at 106 W. Wisconsin.  The Board may take action on the following agenda.


1.  Call to order, Roll Call


2.  Proof of proper notice


3.  Minutes of previous Board meeting


4.  Minutes of previous Board Committee meetings


5.  Disbursements & Project Disbursement Reports

     a.  Update on Projects – Engineer Mark Digman

     b.  Project Change Orders


6.  Citizens to be heard


7.  Police & Court Report


8.  Old Business


9.  New Business

           a.  Summer Help


          b.  Visa Limits for Employees


           c.  Employee Handbook Change

1.  Workers Compensation

2.  Paid Benefit Section


           d.  Police Policies


           e.  Sewer Credit for Iron Horse


           f.  Delta 3 to Amend Phosphorus Report


           g.  Ordinance Changes

                1.  CDA to reference correct Stats. numbers (Sec. 2-4-8)  

                2.  Change Plan Committee to Commission (Sec. 2-4-9)

                3.  Bid Procedures & Bid Solicitation (Sec. 3-1-12 & 13)

                4.  Change Zoning Board of Review (Sec. 2-4-2)

                5.  Add Sec. 2-4-1 (f) Confidentiality of Information

                6.  BOR Policies


     10.  Adjournment