Board Meeting

01/19/2017 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Village of Viola  

Minutes for Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, January 19, 2017, 6:30 p.m. – 7:05 p.m.


Attendance:  Eugene Gabrysiak called the meeting to order with Trustees Marilynn Clauson, Dan Gray, Kent Kanable, Hugh Oliver, LaVerne Phillips, and Tom Simonson present.  Meeting was properly posted.


Public Hearing on Amendments to Zoning CodeMOTION (Gray, Simonson) to adopt Ordinance #17-01 to allow nonresidential buildings used exclusively for the purpose of storage of agricultural products as a conditional use in the Conservancy Zoning District.  Carried.


MOTION (Clauson, Phillips) to adopt Ordinance #17-02 to be consistent with Wisconsin Statute Section 62.23(7)(d) to publish or post a Class 2 notice for public hearing for amending zoning code, and if there is a protest of a zoning change it will need a three-fourths vote of the Village Board to become effective.  Carried.


MOTION (Kanable, Oliver) to adopt Ordinance #17-03 to change the application fee to $150 toward the cost of the Plan Commission’s meeting fees.  Carried.


MOTION (Gray, Simonson) to adopt Ordinance #17-04 to clarify when a zoning/building permit is needed.  To add the sentence “A drawing shall accompany the permit application for any new buildings, additions, or structure alterations.” Also, for uses not requiring a zoning/building permit to change Sec. 15-1-16 (c) to “Repairs or replacements in which materials and estimated labor are valued under $1,000.”  Carried.


Minutes:  MOTION (Oliver, Clauson) to approve the 12/15/16 Regular Board minutes. Carried.


MOTION (Oliver, Kanable) to approve the committee minutes for the 12/16/16 Executive & Finance and the 1/05/17 Plan Committee meetings.  Carried.  The Electric Utility Commission and Library minutes were received by the Board.


Disbursements:  MOTION (Gray, Phillips) to approve disbursements for 12/29/16 and 1/19/17 for General Fund in the amount of $155,356.53, Revolving Loan Fund $682.63, TID #4 Fund $3,237.00, Water Fund $8,323.89, Sewer Fund $11,079.34, and Cemetery Fund $161.44.  Carried.   Campbell provided the Project Disbursement Reports to be reviewed.


Citizens to be heard: None


Police & Court Report:  Officer Dale Winch reported on 24 incidents during the month.  December court report was given. 


Old Business:  A thank you card was received from the Kickapoo Rescue Squad for the $3,000 donation.


Wisconsin Hazard Mitigation Grant ApplicationMOTION (Simonson, Clauson) to approve the Village of Viola to apply for the Wisconsin Hazard Mitigation Grant.  Carried.


Richland County Hazard Mitigation Plan:  MOTION (Simonson, Gray) to table the Resolution #17-01 to approve the Richland County Hazard Mitigation Plan until we receive a copy.  Carried.


Operator Licenses:  MOTION (Gray, Kanable) to approve operator licenses to Samantha Moore and Christina Stone.  Carried.


Adjournment:  MOTION (Kanable, Clauson) at 7:05 p.m.  Carried.