Board Meeting

11/17/2016 from 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Meeting Minutes

Village of Viola  

Minutes for Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, November 17, 2016, 7:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m.


Attendance:  Eugene Gabrysiak called the meeting to order with Trustees Marilynn Clauson, Dan Gray, Hugh Oliver, and LaVerne Phillips present.  Tom Simonson and Kent Kanable had excused absences.  Engineer Mark Digman, and PWD Jeff Liska were present.  Meeting was properly posted.


Minutes:  MOTION (Oliver, Gray) to approve the 10/20/16 Regular Board and the 11/03/16 Special Board minutes. Carried.


MOTION (Oliver, Gray) to approve the committee minutes for the 10/20/16 Police & Personnel, 10/28/16 Executive & Finance, 11/14/16 Streets & Sanitation, 11/14/16 Parks & Buildings, and 11/15/16 Executive & Finance meetings.  Carried.  The Electric Utility Commission and Library minutes were received by the Board.


Disbursements:  MOTION (Oliver, Gray) to approve disbursements for 10/31/16 and 11/17/16 for General Fund in the amount of $27,031.58, Revolving Loan Fund $435.51, TID #3 Fund $5,741.44, TID #4 Fund $1,440.00, Water Fund $268,526.05, Sewer Fund $218,002.03, and Cemetery Fund $373.81.  Carried.   Campbell provided the Project Disbursement Reports to be reviewed.


Citizens to be heard:  Bud Joholski wanted to know about what the Board has decided on the Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator position, if it should be an elected position.  Gabrysiak stated because of the amount of money that flows through the Village office, the Village would want someone who is qualified to do the accounting.  With an elected position, anyone could get the job.  Also, it was discussed that with the law change, employees do not have to live in the Village. 


Police & Court Report:  October court reports were given.  Officer Dale Winch reported on 31 incidents during the month.  He also reported that there was a drug bust today in Viola with 3 arrests made. 


Old BusinessUpdate on Projects:  Mark Digman reported that everything on the projects for this year is done.  Badger Construction had an $18,700 deduct on their contract.  Over by the Viola Gift Shoppe, Badger has areas that settled because of the flood.  A-1 Excavating will need to fix this in the spring and charge Badger Construction.  Substantial completion of the projects is done.  There was $120,000 withheld from A-1 Excavating until the repairs are made in the spring.  MOTION (Gray, Clauson) to pay Badger, but hold $10,000 until Commercial Street by the Viola Gift Shoppe is fixed in the spring, or they show an agreement with A-1 Excavating that they will fix it.  Also, hold until all lien waivers are in.  Carried.


Public Hearing of Proposed Budgets:  A list of Capital Outlays was reviewed for both years.  An employee 1.5% raise was included in the 2017 Budget.  No increase to the Viola Tax Levy.  Both years have net revenue going into the Reserve.  However, the Reserve will borrow around $100,000 to TID #4 in 2017 to construct GoMacro Way. 


Some of the major revenue changes between the Original 2016 Budget and the Revised 2016 Budget are the donations to the Playground Equipment Fund, the Griffin Fund payouts, FEMA and State flood reimbursement estimates.  The expenses are the same, as well as having less Horse & Colt Show expenses for the year.


MOTION (Gray, Phillips) to adopt Resolution #16-12, the 2016 Revised Budget with $616,799 in Revenues and Expenses, with an approximate sum of $23,112 of net income to be transferred to the Reserve.  Carried. 






                                                Board Meeting 11/17/2016

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MOTION (Clauson, Oliver) to adopt Resolution #16-13, the 2017 Budget with $635,357 in Revenues and Expenses, with no increase in the levy, for a total levy of $74,000 for the year; no new debt borrowing, and an approximate sum of $10,619 of net income to be transferred to the Reserve.  Carried.


Donations to Kickapoo Rescue Squad, Viola Business Association Christmas Party, and Viola Senior Meal Association:  MOTION (Oliver, Gray) to donate $3,000 to the Kickapoo Rescue Squad, $200 to the Viola Business Association, and $150 to the Viola Senior Meal Association.  Carried. 


General Fund Employee Christmas Bonuses:  MOTION (Clauson, Phillips) to grant Christmas bonuses for a grand total amount of $460 from General Fund.  Gray abstaining.  Carried.


Consideration of Clerk/Treasurer/Admin as an Elected Position

MOTION (Phillips, Gray) that Viola maintain the ordinance to keep the Village Clerk/Treasurer/Administrator as an appointed office.  Carried.


Well Permits:  MOTION (Clauson, Gray) to grant a 5-year well permit to Richard Johannesen at 128 S. Main Street and Christopher Cina at 444 W. Jennings Road.  Carried.


Playground Equipment ConsiderationsMOTION (Gray, Clauson) to go with the recommendation of the Parks & Buildings Committee to purchase the GameTime playset $13,700 contingent on Organic Valley’s commitment.  Carried.


Library Roof ProposalsMOTION (Oliver, Clauson) to award Williams Construction, the lowest proposal, in the amount of $13,125 to replace the Library roof in the spring with lifetime shingles.  Carried. 


Community Building Masonry Proposals:  MOTION (Clauson, Phillips) to award TMS Masonry, the lowest proposal, in the amount of $3,200 to repair the masonry in the spring on the Community Building.  Carried.


Consideration of Civic Systems Upgrade to Clarity Version:  MOTION (Clauson, Gray) to pay for the Civic System’s upgrade to Clarity version in 2017.  Carried.


Adjournment:  MOTION (Clauson, Gray) at 8:45 p.m.  Carried.